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Deep-sea treasure hunters claim to have discovered an anomaly at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, described as similar in size and shape to the fictional Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. (Ocean Explorer team/Scanpix/Sipa Press)

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The Day It All Seems To Be Over

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Doesn’t matter how hard you try, tough exam can strongly rearrange your hard-worked day-night routine.

It’s my fourth year at the university and my organism still goes berserk before exams. Although, I will not elaborate on that.

Examiners should be legally forced to make exams early morning – those few hours between getting up and answering questions will do quite well as a metonymy of Purgatory.

And here comes „lazy [the one-and-half-a-day after the exam]”. The tension goes away, the one who stays is you with serious sleep issues and tons of assignments postponed due to university obligations.

So I and my GF spent last days lying on the couch, watching Indiana Jones movies and eating pizza.

Lazy Tuesdays are going to make us fat.

University will make you fat.

Think about it before you get so attracted by the idea of higher education.

But, luckilly, today the courier knocked at my door and gave me my (not so OWN due to DRM) copy of Diablo 3.

Tristram – here I come.

Diablo, beware. Exam session is over. Nothing’s going to stop me.

The Day When I Didn’t Go Out At All

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— 9:34 PM [Warsaw, Poland time]

Soon the virtual card is to be torn away from my virtual calendar. When this happens, I will unlock my special real-life achievement – not to leave my heated (30 Celsius degrees outside, inside even worse) 36-square-meter-flat for the whole day.

At least there’s Diablo 3.

Or at least a free demo.

Which you have to unlock with a special key.

Which you have to buy or get from your friends, if you’re lucky enough.

Girls and guys at Blizzard must be laughing at the Polish not getting their joke right: they  delivered far not enough boxed copies of their game to our stores, so we must wait for another wave of deliveries.

For now, all most of us can do is get the limited beta.

Or buy the overpriced digital-only version.

Yeah. Funny.

Day 2: Well Deserved Rest

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Rule one of working efficiently: take some rest.

So it is.

Day 1

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— 10:49 PM [Warsaw, Poland time]

Incredible, but I have probably finished my obligations for today. I wrote the other half of my paper for post-conference publication which has been haunting me for weeks. And here I’m done.

Today I started writing at noon. I watched two episodes of Boardwalk Empire and played Bastion a little in breaks, but still. And I also managed to complete a milestone in my commercial assignment. 

As for my paper, I’m totally unsatisfied with it’s final shape.

My GF says I’m like Vonnegut in this matter.

If only I was in other matters too.

Maybe except family life.

Day 0

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— 00:51 AM [Warsaw, Poland time]

It was the transition day today.

If it wasn’t for Bastion, I would have gone to sleep early last night. But there was Bastion.

Anyhow, I did something today. I started work no earlier than at 2 PM. I completed tasks for today until 8 PM.

But I also read this article forwarded to me by my friend. It’s not all that motivating. Got to read the whole book.

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…surfing the Web is a procrastinator’s dream.

William Gibson,

THE NET IS A WASTE OF TIME, and that’s exactly what’s right about it

[in:] “New York Times Magazine”, 1996 (transcript).

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