The Day When I Didn’t Go Out At All

June 20, 2012 Comments Off on The Day When I Didn’t Go Out At All

— 9:34 PM [Warsaw, Poland time]

Soon the virtual card is to be torn away from my virtual calendar. When this happens, I will unlock my special real-life achievement – not to leave my heated (30 Celsius degrees outside, inside even worse) 36-square-meter-flat for the whole day.

At least there’s Diablo 3.

Or at least a free demo.

Which you have to unlock with a special key.

Which you have to buy or get from your friends, if you’re lucky enough.

Girls and guys at Blizzard must be laughing at the Polish not getting their joke right: they  delivered far not enough boxed copies of their game to our stores, so we must wait for another wave of deliveries.

For now, all most of us can do is get the limited beta.

Or buy the overpriced digital-only version.

Yeah. Funny.



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