Life Is a Boardgame

October 6, 2012 Comments Off on Life Is a Boardgame

It’s rather early for miserable Owl-man to write a new post, but my GF has been staying at my place since yesterday. Her presence is what seems to make me go to sleep earlier and get up earlier, cause her guilty pleasure is watching breakfast television, what she has to do with me by her side.

So what does the miserable Owl-man do on Saturday evening with his GF? He’s playinga boardgame. Specifically – Small World.

What you do in this game is expand with your ridiculous civilisation over the narrow world. Once you reach the peak of the specific civilisation, you die out and choose another civilisation for the rest of the play. Or you die out with another one, if it crosses it’s border also.

What’s most intimidating is that when you die out, the sad remains of your previous civilisation stay on the board, haunting the Small World and still bringing the player (you in this case) a material profit.

So when your flying humans (civilisations are composed of a race and a special ability, both are usually ridiculous) die out, their ghosts remain on the board when a new civilisation of yours, i.e. eternal dwarves, come to defend their leftovers, so that they still bring profit to the player.

Intimidating, isn’t it?

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