Self-Inflicted Unwanted Afternoon Nap

October 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Part of my miserable feature of being an owl-man is that I get up late.

Then I have to eat breakfast quickly.

And after some time hunger comes back – slowly, sneaking from behind.

Usually something prevents me from going to the shop downstairs and buying something to eat. Or I wait till unreasonable hours for my GF to come over and cook something for her also.

How it usually ends is me suffering from headache, feeling like a puddle of mud.

You got the same? Here’s a solution!

Get some soy-dogs*!

Sorry that you can see this great soy-dog with fries! Served!

You can make them in a couple of minutes anytime! Just add some fried onions (this marvelous vegetable can spend months in the fridge), sause and you got it!

But don’t eat too many at once. Especially when you eat fries and salad also. Cause you will fall asleep on the couch and wake up nearly two hours later, feeling like a creased, sweaty dog. Just like I did today.

*– with soy sausage instead of meat.


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